Preconstruction Phase

Project supply and installation organisation and critical decision making occur in this essential project phase. Among other things, materials are evaluated for their suitability, supply and production practicalities verified, scheduling confirmed and logistics agreed for stone production, shipment and installation. Thorough, knowledgeable consideration of these disciplines is essential to getting a stone project onto the right trajectory early in the process.

Coordinating Drawings

Practical implementation of design details from architectural drawings is essential to any project. The interpretation of those drawings, and the translation into working shop drawings is challenging across languages, systems of measurement, and relevant experience. RSC’s staff have many years’ experience working in design coordination across the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


The basis for any design must be structurally reliable. Materials testing occurs in many countries and many laboratory types, working to norms such as ASTM and BS EN (among others). RSC is well placed to coordinate, monitor and interpret testing activities and results, regardless of testing locations.


Suitability, verification and skilled supply are essential to the project. Once project stone selections have been made, material sourcing, production scheduling and logistics planning must be quickly and accurately established. If supplier sourcing is required, RSC’s experience can bring project team and supplier options together effectively and economically, based on various skill sets most suitable to the project needs. In the event of proprietary material supply arrangements, RSC can work effectively to optimize, verify and monitor supply chains. Making fact-based, decisions early in the procurement process helps in reducing the often-extended periods experienced from selection through fabrication to delivery.

Critical Project Phases