Construction Phase

Coordination and monitoring of fabrication and logistics of stone production along with the logistics and coordination of getting the stone to site as and when required. Overseeing the installation of the stone can also be included in Ramsey Stone Consultant services.

Fabrication, coordination and logistics of stone production, along with getting finished materials safely to site are key elements of a project’s construction phase. Monitoring of installation quality and progress are also important elements of the construction phase scope. All of these are included in Ramsey Stone Consultant’s scope of services.


Once the supplier has commenced fabrication, Ramsey Stone Consultants verify production schedule, ensure adherence to agreed aesthetic ranges and arrange factory visits to oversee the quality of material production.

  • Detailed inspection of production including quality assurance and control by our proven team of on-site inspectors
  • Coordination and reporting of the inspector’s visits
  • Organising and review of dry lay inspections
  • Review stone piece identification and crating
  • Identify and resolve quality or schedule discrepancies


The inspections are a critical phase of the production process and Ramsey Stone Consultants are well-known for their commitment to ensuring quality stone production. Changes or adjustments are handled directly at the factory and coordinated with the client, for once materials leave the factory corrections are costly, difficult and can delay project completions.

  • Detailed review of production in relation to approved range samples
  • Identify surface faults with the stone
  • Quality review of labor items such as joints, edges and assembled pieces
  • Verifying that pieces are correctly sized according to the cutting tickets
  • Monitoring stone marking and its adherence to the cutting tickets and agreed numbering system
  • Verifying packing and crating quality of the materials ready for shipment
  • Prompt and comprehensive reporting to client/project team with good quality, high resolution photographs of current production


An important stage in any project, Ramsey Stone Consultants provide the experience of organising many types of projects: simple of one type of stone to more complex developments consisting of many different stones, from various locations around the world. Bringing these together to arrive at site according to a complex schedule requires the skill of experience.

  • Identify and coordinate project shipping schedules with suppliers
  • Coordinate and monitor established shipping schedules
  • Provide real-time status of production and shipping
  • Provide timely reports to track production and shipping
  • Identify schedule slippage and develop effective solutions to recover lost time
  • Monitor any items that may impact the shipping schedule such as strikes, container shortages, weather, terrorism, war.

Critical Project Phases