Kevin Ramsey

Founder / CEO

Since 1985 Kevin has worked in most aspects of the stone industry. Starting in the factories of Tivoli and Carrara in the mid-1980’s the journey has led to Italy, Kuwait, the UK, the USA and back to Europe. Stops of interest along the way have included Malta, the Caucasus, Asia and South America.

“Since starting RSC in 2002 the experiences, people and projects have been, in a word, fascinating and so rewarding. The incredible staff we have, the skill and professionalism of our clients, colleagues and suppliers is inspiring and motivating. We learn more each day and continue to strive for excellence.” – Kevin Ramsey

Paolo Bertelli

Lead Inspector

Paolo is RSC’s lead inspector for daily production, factory operations and logistics for central and northern Italy-based production. He has extensive experience in stone production operations and a keen ability in achieving excellent aesthetic results, while also ensuring dimensional standards are consistently met.

Antonio Pastore

Lead Inspector

Antonio is RSC’s lead inspector for production and logistics in central and southern Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal and north Africa. Antonio has extensive quarrying, production and finishes experience and is an important part of the RSC team in liaising between clients, architects, designers and suppliers to achieve outstanding quality results.

Anna Giallo

Project Coordinator

Anna is RSC’s Project Coordinator. She is instrumental in coordinating our field inspection activities, compiling reports, liaising with clients, contractors and suppliers and is pretty highly skilled at mind reading. Anna is based in our Woolmer Green office.

Gary Clark

Technical Coordinator and Design Manager

Gary is RSC’s technical coordinator and design manager. He is a qualified architect (AIA and RIBA) and brings over 40 years of technical and design experience in the stone industry. Gary is based in our Woolmer Green office.

Daniel Bradley

Lead Inspector

Daniel is RSC’s lead inspector for production, factory operations and logistics for Asia-based production. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and has lived and worked extensively in China. Daniel is based in Xiamen, China and also manages our quality control work in Thailand, Indonesia and elsewhere in the region.